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Lire: Literary Historiography and French Literature


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Literary Historiography and French Literature


Sjef Houppermans

About Sjef
Sjef Houppermans est professeur associé en littérature moderne à l’Université de Leiden; Il est rédacteur en chef de RELIEF
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Literary History has changed its objectives during the last decades. In theory as well as in literary analysis a worldwide perspective has taken the place of strictly demarcated approaches. The openness to the world and the ongoing dialogue with the other resonates in recent French Literature. Academic critique can accompany and guide these evolutions.
How to Cite: Houppermans, S., (2012). Literary Historiography and French Literature. RELIEF - Revue Électronique de Littérature Française. 6(1), pp.113–125. DOI:
Publié le 09 Oct 2012.
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