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Lire: Medievalism and medieval theatre : About Adam


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Medievalism and medieval theatre : About Adam


Véronique Dominguez

About Véronique

Véronique Dominguez is senior lecturer in medieval French language and literature at the Université de Nantes. She is currently working on an intellectual biography of Gustave Cohen, one of the founding figures of medieval thatre studies in France. Her principal publications are La Scène et la Croix. Le jeu de l’acteur dans les Passions dramatiques médiévales (XIVe-XVIe siècles) (2007); a modern edition of the medieval play Le Jeu d’Adam (2012); and the edited volumes Renaissance du Théâtre médiéval (2009) and Les Pères du Théâtre Médiéval, with Marie Bouhaïk-Gironès and Jelle Koopmans (2011).

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Exploring the relation between medieval studies and medievalism, this article focuses on theatre in Europe and France. What are the relations between a scholarly knowledge of medieval theatre and the various reconstructions of medieval theatre to be found on the twentieth-century stage? To answer this question, this article studies different types of productions, from Gustave Cohen’s Jeu d’Adam et Eve staged at the Sorbonne in 1935 to the York Mysteries adapted in England in the 1950s and 1980s, as well as some modern texts that adapt or integrate medieval theatre, from Brecht to Novarina. It concludes by proposing a renewed approach to medieval theatre, especially from an editorial point of view.
How to Cite: Dominguez, V., (2014). Medievalism and medieval theatre : About Adam. RELIEF - Revue Électronique de Littérature Française. 8(1), pp.115–133. DOI:
Publié le 29 Sep 2014.
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